Economic, cultural and educational forum Sudanese – Ghana

Nile Center for Technology Research has participated in Ghana forum 10th – 12th of Jul 2017, which Aims to strengthening bilateral relations between Ghana and Sudan through business and culture. The forum has been held under the theme: “Towards Ghana-Sudan Meaningful Partnership: Investing in the Future.”

The opening was with the presence of the Minister of Investment of Sudan, and Minister of Business Development of Ghana.

NCTR aimed to impart other companies about the center, its achievements, products and services to create relations and connections with these entities as opportunities that could be obtained.  NCTR managed to achieve one of its objectives by discovering opportunities between the Sudanese and Ghanaian companies as part of regional expansion and targeting the African market.


Signing 2 MOU’s:

Many companies have shown their interest in the NCTR’s business and its remarkable achievements. After a detailed discussion with several groups of Companies, MOU’s were signed, and now they serve as a platform for a beginning of new cooperation between the two parties.


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