Nile Center for Technology Research & The ITU Telecom World Award ’18

[Durban, South Africa, September 10-13, 2018]

NCTR participated in annual ITU Telecom World Award, hosted by the government of South Africa.

The participation came in the Global SME Award: for the most promising, innovative solution from an SME. NCTR competed with hundreds of SMEs from all over the globe took a part in the SMEs program, by NABTA (MIS for microfinance).

NABTA has get shortlisted and recognized by the ITU Telecom world award.

And, in addition, NCTR was awarded this year:

– Recognition of Excellence for the best innovative exhibitor with social impact.

– Certificate of Appreciation Award for long-standing event supporters and partners.

The participation achieved its goals, we benefited in the term of networking and knowledge exchanging, business expanding, and achieving one of our strategic objectives which is to have a footprint in regional markets.

Being recognized by the ITU Telecom World Award for the second time in a row will push us definitely to move forward and have a competitive edge.


NABTA (MIS for Microfinance)

NABTA is Management Information System for microfinance offers many advantages to make Microfinance institutions working environment more efficient, accurate and secure.

Through its integrated vision of all transactions related to microfinance, all stakeholders and beneficiaries can access information in a way that is more transparent and effective.

Know more about NABTA

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