Nile Center for Technology Research & the ITU – Telecom World Award ‘17:

NCTR participated in ITU-Telecom World Awards ’17 which was held this year in Busan- South Korea. The participation of NCTR came in the SMEs awards program for projects with disruptive business models, innovative use of ICT, and great social impact. Hundreds of SMEs from all over the globe took part in the awards program, and NCTR was announced in the 23 shortlisted companies before advancing as a finalist. Eventually, NCTR won the second place in the SMEs category for the E-service Platform project.


In addition NCTR received two certificates, namely,:

  • Certificate of excellence as the most innovative exhibitor.
  • Certificate of appreciation for outstanding participation.


The participation has achieved its goals in Learn about what the world has achieved in ICT, partnering with international parties, presenting NCTR expertise, products & services, and winning international awards that helped Sudan to be in a prominent position on the global world.



NCTR E-Service Platform:

NCTR developed an e-service platform that facilitates the transformation of traditional governmental services into full-fledged electronic services. The platform provides efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy, and allows users to apply for services by themselves, track progress of services, and pay service fees online using Internet browsers and mobile phones.

NCTR provides hosting service for the e-service platform on its cloud data center in addition to providing operational and customer support for the platform and its users. All these factors combined with the disruptive business model provided have allowed the platform and NCTR to win the abovementioned awards and certificates.


AAFAQ E-Service Platform – Ministry of foreign Affairs:

AFAQ is a real implementation for the above e-service platform for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) – Sudan and a giant step towards providing state institutes with technological solutions. NCTR has implemented the e-service platform to provide MoFA services for citizens and residents.

AFAQ has made a real difference due to its flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy in addition to its reliability and security.