Toward Modernization & Digitalization of Government Services Workshop


NCTR NCTR has organized a workshop about Modernization & Digitalization of Government Services, serving the agenda of knowing the role of technology in the development of government services, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.
The workshop was inaugurated with concept Enlightenment of the term “electronic and government services” and how to achieve the best methods towards e-government, in addition to the techniques used to develop civil service, and move towards e-services in terms of resources, policies and processes to be followed. Finally the workshop has discussed the benefits that would accrue to the government, public institutions, and citizen. The workshop was hosted by Dr. Yasin Miheisi who had a key role in Abu Dhabi eGovernment project. He has over thirty years of expertise in the fields of information technology, Enterprise Architecture, and e-government. The workshop was attended by distinctive experts and specialists from influential bodies in the fields of technology and information systems related to the e-government, including the following:
-Ministry of Science and Communications.
– National Telecommunication Corporation.
– National Information Center.
Other government and private agencies were also present such as Ministry of Finance – Sudanese Electricity Distribution Company – EBS – Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research – Omdurman National Bank and Bank of Khartoum.

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